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December 14, 2017 You know that saying when you look good you feel good? Well mannn I feel GREAT! It’s something about when you get your nails done, hair done, eyebrows done, buy yourself something you walk around with a confidence about yourself that you never knew you had. That confidence that nobody can tell you nothing! Lol That I know I’m the Sugar Honey Iced Tea type of confidence! That you broke up with me yesterday but I already have an all-star lineup of guys that been ready to shoot their shot today type of confidence. That constant reassurance...

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As I was ironing my kids' clothes this morning I remembered how earlier in the school year I was putting on a jogging outfit for my daughter to wear to school. She told me "Mommy I don't want to wear this because they(the kids at school) say it looks like I have on pajamas" I changed her outfit. Thinking back on that I SHOULD HAVE LET HER WEAR THAT OUTFIT TO SCHOOL AND TOLD HER THAT SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL IN ANYTHING SHE PUTS ON. I should have never let her change her clothes because IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT HER CONFIDENCE...

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 Growing up, I loved everything about me! I was beautiful, talented, outgoing, unashamed and fearless. The fact that I was the darkest child out of all of my siblings did not matter one bit!  Once I got to high school, my confidence plummeted. I felt so inferior to my peers. I received so many compliments? that now that I think about it weren't compliments at all. They went something like, "I usually don't date dark skinned girls but there's something special about you" or "You're cute to be dark skinned." Even then, comments like that made me feel some type...

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