Instill Confidence in Your Children!

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Instill Confidence in Your Children!

As I was ironing my kids' clothes this morning I remembered how earlier in the school year I was putting on a jogging outfit for my daughter to wear to school. She told me "Mommy I don't want to wear this because they(the kids at school) say it looks like I have on pajamas" I changed her outfit.

Thinking back on that I SHOULD HAVE LET HER WEAR THAT OUTFIT TO SCHOOL AND TOLD HER THAT SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL IN ANYTHING SHE PUTS ON. I should have never let her change her clothes because IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT HER CONFIDENCE IS STRONG EVEN AT THE AGE OF 4! She needs to learn not to care or worry about what anyone says about her. Kids can be cruel and I know she will experience negative comments and bullying throughout life but that is where her strength, power, and self love will take effect and disregard any negativity that comes her way.

Ever since then, I instill in her confidence that she is BEAUTIFUL no matter what she wears or what her hair looks like. Make sure your babies are comfortable and confident with themselves! Make sure YOU are encouraging and loving them enough that they wouldn't even need to seek approval from their friends or anywhere they think they'll receive it. That will build a positive relationship between mother and child, instill confidence, and they'll love themselves and find a power they never knew they had! They'll #Blossom and #flourish in ways we probably wouldn't even imagine!

Forever a Lādē,

Tamara Wallace

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