Lādē University Executive Board

Tamara Wallace | Chief Executive Officer

      Tamara Wallace deems herself as a "Business woman by day, and Supermom by night." Tamara was once a young, vibrant girl; full of self-love, self-esteem, and confidence. She was sure about herself and her abilities until she was subjected to peer pressure and the approval of others.

      Tamara found satisfaction in making others happy; even if it meant for her to settle for less, tolerate disrespect, even suffer from verbal, mental, emotional and physical abuse.

      After suffering from continuous heartbreaks, judgment from her family and closest friends, Tamara finally made the choice to simply be happy. Happy for her means to work to provide for her four children, making sure they are taken care of on the day to day, and mostly taking care of herself when it comes to her personal grooming, protecting her peace of mind and surrounding herself with positive people with positive vibes.

     Tamara knew that she was not the only one to ever experience the pain she has endured...and will certainly not be the last. She strongly wants be an example to her daughters and encourage young girls to recognize their beauty, strength, courage, and power..

"It is my desire to see our young girls and women walk with confidence, dignity, and self-esteem that is questioned by no one because it radiates from within and impacts everyone that encounters her." ~Tamara L. Wallace