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Lādē came as an idea for me 2 years ago but became active in January 2017! This year was full of lessons, triumphs, trials and victories. We have networked and partnered with many organizations and businesses that have great plans for the future! We have had an impact on hundreds of women and will strive to reach more! Take a look at our year of 2017, we hope that you are inspired, encouraged and motivated to take on 2018 with no regrets, positive vibes, and achieve all your heart desires.   HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM LĀDĒ INCORPORATED!!! MAYWOOD STOP THE VIOLENCE...

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December 14, 2017 You know that saying when you look good you feel good? Well mannn I feel GREAT! It’s something about when you get your nails done, hair done, eyebrows done, buy yourself something you walk around with a confidence about yourself that you never knew you had. That confidence that nobody can tell you nothing! Lol That I know I’m the Sugar Honey Iced Tea type of confidence! That you broke up with me yesterday but I already have an all-star lineup of guys that been ready to shoot their shot today type of confidence. That constant reassurance...

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Black Women do not care about their children? August 10, 2017 There is a question mark there because how can someone make such a generalization on a whole group of women based on personal opinions? I came across a video on Facebook that bothered me. I did not take offense to it because it does not directly apply to me but my people: BLACK WOMEN. This man Tommy Sotomayor who is known for his YouTube channel where he gives his opinions and views on the black community is one I deem narcissistic and bitter over what he has probably gone...

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