The #BlossomCampaign

The #BlossomCampaign is a nationwide initiative for girls and women to flourish within their individual lives. Girls will come together to talk about their dreams, goals, and steps they are taking to to watch it flourish!

Goals can be as big as trying to go to the moon or something as small as completing all of your tasks for the day and in bed by 9pm.

Once a week, girls in the community will come together to plant a seed and watch it flourish by taking the necessary steps to make it blossom, just as we will take the necessary steps to watch our lives blossom.

I'm excited to be on this journey with everyone and can't wait to see how you blossom into the powerful women you are destined to be! #Blossom

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The launch of the #BlossomCampaign was Saturday, June 10, 2017. The campaign took place at the MOMS (Mothers of Murdered Sons) garden located in Bellwood, Il on the bike path across from the Bellwood Water Dept. Members of Lādē planted their seed, which is a representation of their idea, goal, and dreams. The ladies are responsible for periodically checking on their seed by watering it, making sure it is getting enough sunlight, and essentially nourishing it just as they will with their idea, goal and ultimately their lives. Here are a couple of pictures from the launch of the #BlossomCampaign.

Photographed: Tamara Wallace (Founder of Lādē, Inc.) Marquetta Williams (Member of Lādē, Inc.) Phyllis Duncan (President and Founder of MOMS-Mothers of Murdered Sons)

Progress Check - June 20, 2017

The seeds that we planted are now sprouting! We've been consistent with watering it, checking on it, letting nature take it's course. Just as we have been consistent with our plants, so has some of the ladies in the Facebook group with their goals, dreams and aspirations. We've seen girls start off with just an idea that bloomed into something greater! Make sure to follow the #BlossomCampaign for more updates and videos and feel free to share your progression. 

Progress Check July 17-20, 2017

We found one of the sunflowers pulled up from the root. That sunflower was dead. To correlate that with our lives, everything we plan to do may not always work out. Some things aren't always meant to be. We can't let one bad seed discourage us from taking care of our other plants. Nor can you let people or circumstances distract you from your goals and dreams, especially if you have been consistent, diligent, and dedicated enough to take care of them. 


Progress Check - August 4, 2017

 Progress Check - August 31, 2017



Progress Check - September 22, 2017 - FINALLY A BLOOM!