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Black Women do not care about their children? August 10, 2017 There is a question mark there because how can someone make such a generalization on a whole group of women based on personal opinions? I came across a video on Facebook that bothered me. I did not take offense to it because it does not directly apply to me but my people: BLACK WOMEN. This man Tommy Sotomayor who is known for his YouTube channel where he gives his opinions and views on the black community is one I deem narcissistic and bitter over what he has probably gone...

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As I was ironing my kids' clothes this morning I remembered how earlier in the school year I was putting on a jogging outfit for my daughter to wear to school. She told me "Mommy I don't want to wear this because they(the kids at school) say it looks like I have on pajamas" I changed her outfit. Thinking back on that I SHOULD HAVE LET HER WEAR THAT OUTFIT TO SCHOOL AND TOLD HER THAT SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL IN ANYTHING SHE PUTS ON. I should have never let her change her clothes because IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT HER CONFIDENCE...

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