Blossom Kit

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The #BlossomCampaign is a nationwide initiative for girls and women to flourish within their individual lives. Girls will come together to talk about their dreams, goals, and steps they are taking to to watch it flourish!

This kit contains a plantable seed paper flower, a plant label and encouragement card. This kit is free of charge! We want to see all women win. We realize that in order to blossom it must start with a seed. 

The purpose is to plant a physical seed and watch it flourish by taking the necessary steps to make it blossom, just as we will take the necessary steps to watch our lives blossom.

This kit provides you with the seed you will need to start your journey! Please update us via #theblossomcampaign group as to how your journey is going as well as staying connected with lades who share the same goals.