Maywood "Stop the Violence Rally"

Lādē, along with other local small businesses and organizations, came together to help co sponsor a "Stop the Violence-Put the guns down" rally. The rally included a cookout open to the community and a march around the city of Maywood. The purpose of this event was to create awareness, evoke a feeling of empathy with families and friends who have lost their loved ones due to gun violence, and to effect change within our community.

Collectively, we all felt that it was time to take back our streets and attempt to make them safe again. Many of the organizations/businesses who were present offered programs, apparel, and donations to many of the attendees in order to give the community positive options to turn to rather than the violent streets. 

Here are a few pictures from the event.

A couple of the local businesses and organizations represented in this picture include:

Proviso Township Bills - Lādē, Inc. - Capital Hill - Rich Attitude -   Profile Builders